sharing freedom through clothing

an exclusive selection of vintage pieces curated with love and passion.

born in 2020, prose studio is a concept that emerged from a shared passion for fashion and liberty. the purpose is to give vintage pieces the revival they deserve while embracing the bodies they dress.

traveling around the world, we unearth treasures that make up the uncommon universe of prose studio.

our showroom

located in the heart of brussels, our showroom is now open to public by appointment.

how to make an appointment?

send us a message on instagram with your name and preferred date & time and wait for a confirmation. Do not hesitate to bring your friends

why do you need an appointment?

we aim to provide a customized experience for each of our clients. by operating on an appointment basis, it allows us to give you all the love you deserve.

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the term "prose" refers to a form of poetry that is not subject to the classical rules of musicality, rhythm and rhyme. all the pieces proposed by prose studio are arranged like the words of a poem, without being constrained by any codes.