our story

our concept

Prose Studio offers a unique selection of vintage clothing and accessories available for both purchase and rental. Thoughtfully curated from local sources in Europe, the collection features high-quality items ranging from the 1970s to the 2000s. The assortment blends archival pieces, designer creations, and forgotten brands, aiming to inspire freedom. Defined by the liberty of prose, the one-of-a-kind pieces are arranged like the words of a poem, unconstrained by the classical rules of musicality, rhythm, and rhyme.

the founders

Founded in 2020 by Antoine Inal and Fayçal El Ouamari, Prose Studio embodies the journey of two young men aiming to bridge the worlds of fashion, art & designs. While Antoine studied across Paris, Milan, and Brussels, he met Fayçal, a passionate fashion enthusiast and artist from Brussels. They quickly discovered they had much in common, and that among their shared dreams was an utopian ambition to revolutionize the approach to second-hand fashion. What began as an abstract concept soon evolved into Prose Studio. By meticulously curating unique vintage pieces, they started breathing new life into the history of fashion.

  • fayçal el ouamari

    Fayçal’s artistic journey, rooted in visual arts and painting, led him to a master’s program in communication. A curious and passionate individual, he has been enthusiastic about fashion from a young age. He avidly collects archive magazines and books and possesses an in-depth knowledge of the luxury industry. Fayçal loves finding unexpected fashion pieces and is always eager to create new stories through his artistic vision.

  • antoine inal

    From a young age, Antoine began his fashion journey in his mother's closets. One night he was a femme fatale in oversized heels, the next day a Hollywood starlet in flowing dresses. Each piece became a story where he was the protagonist. His dreams were boundless, yet his logical mind kept them focused. His childhood passions for drawing and visual arts then evolved into inspiration from the art of others, and he decided to pursue a master's degree in Business Engineering. Through Prose Studio, Antoine becomes the main character he has always dreamed of being, while exploring other facets of himself through the more business and analytical aspects of his studies.