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  • boutique

    In May 2024, Prose Studio unveiled its newest boutique in Brussels, nestled within a charming 20th-century building in the vibrant neighborhood of Flagey. Primarily featuring Italian furniture from the 1970s, the space has been designed to facilitate interactions and exchanges. From the iconic Italian designs of Giandomenico Belotti to the visionary creations of Giovanni Carini, every detail harmoniously contributes to crafting a space that exudes warmth and creativity.

    In partnership with Grège Gallery, Prose Studio is committed to showcasing emerging artists whose works align with its universe. Currently on display, the minimalist and gestural painting of Chidy Wayne and the Iskandar's captivating light installation bring a unique atmosphere to the store. Prose Studio aims to offer more than a shopping experience, providing a destination where art, fashion, and design converge to inspire and delight.

  • rental

    Prose Studio offers a rental service that grants access to all the in-store collection, and to a distinctive selection of standout pieces reserved exclusively for rental. Whether it's for special events, photoshoots, or simply to experience the joy of wearing  unique vintage pieces, the rental service is available to everyone and for any occasion.

    In practical terms, you can simply send a message detailing your requirements, deadlines, and, possibly, providing a moodboard that reflects the vision driving the request.  A tailored pre-selection can thus be arranged, and a boutique appointment can be scheduled to promptly present it to you.

  • styling

    Prose Studio proposes a styling service marked by considerable versatility. Whether crafting outfits aligned with specific aesthetics for special events, or translating artistic directions into coherent ensembles, Antoine and Fayçal adeptly leverage their expertise to bring visions to life. 

    In practice, you can simply send a message outlining your needs, timelines, and inspirations behind the request. A personalized pre-selection can then be prepared, and a boutique appointment can be promptly scheduled for presentation & fittings.

  • & more

    At Prose Studio, supporting creativity is paramount. Collaborating with other projects and individuals serves as a source of inspiration and allows us to extend our impact beyond the confines of our store. Constantly seeking new initiatives, Prose Studio enthusiastically welcomes proposals of all kinds.

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