On The Go

Spring/Summer 24 ushers in a new era of movement and spontaneity. Fashion flows effortlessly, mirroring the rhythm of an ever-changing journey. Free from limitations, it embodies a spirit of adventure and exploration. It enchants without confinement, thriving purely for its own vitality. Celebrate this dynamic season with the grand opening of Prose Studio's new boutique in Brussels, where every moment is an opportunity to embrace the unexpected.

shot by Evan Justins

Colaboration with the Grege Gallery

In an exciting collaboration with Grège Gallery, Prose Studio has embarked on a mission to spotlight emerging artists whose works harmonize with its distinctive ethos. Within the store, visitors are treated to an immersive experience, where the minimalist and gestural paintings of Chidy Wayne seamlessly intermingle with the captivating light installations crafted by Iskandar. These carefully curated art pieces not only enriches the ambiance of the space but also serves as a testament to Prose Studio's unwavering commitment to nurturing creativity. This partnership underscores Prose Studio's commitment to providing a multifaceted destination where art, fashion, and design seamlessly intersect to inspire and delight.

Grege Gallery

Boogie Bougie

Boogie Bougie's artisanal candles, celebrated for their enchanting fragrances, serve as an exquisite addition to Prose Studio's refined ambiance. Handcrafted in Antwerp, each candle encapsulates a unique olfactory story, inviting visitors to embark on a captivating sensory voyage. From the delicate essence of neroli to the summery embrace of tangerine, they cast a gentle glow that enhances the elegance and charm of the space, creating an immersive and unforgettable experience for all who enter.

Boogie Bougie

Another Kind of Love

Fall/Winter 23 introduces a fresh wave of liberation and audacity. Fashion emerges as a canvas for self-expression, akin to the eloquent verses of a prose poem. Unfettered by conventions, it becomes a testament to individuality and passion. Embracing a spirit of unbounded love, it enchants without imposition, existing solely for its intrinsic essence. This collection invites you to embark on a journey of discovery, where each garment becomes a chapter in the story of your unique style. Explore the depths of creativity and embrace the freedom to craft your own narrative amidst the season's embrace.

directed by Abel verheyden & Chris Alessi

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Article on prose studio by BRUZZ

In the heart of the bustling Belgian art scene, Prose Studio's latest project has captured the attention of Bruzz. During their recent pop-up event on Rue de Flandre, the innovative team behind Prose Studio had the privilege of being featured in an exclusive video interview by Bruzz. This collaboration aims to shed light on the intricate influences of ethnic backgrounds and educational paths on the development of their latest venture.

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Prose Studio Magazines

Since the opening of its new boutique in Brussels, Prose Studio has curated a selection of archived magazines, including iconic titles such as ID, Dazed, and Vice. These magazines are conceived as windows into past eras, offering not just articles but also a visual journey through time. They capture the essence of youth, rebellion, and creativity, providing customers with inspiring imagery and a glimpse into the cultural zeitgeist of bygone days. Whether flipping through the pages for fashion inspiration or simply immersing oneself in the nostalgic allure of yesteryears, these magazines add depth and character to the Prose Studio experience.

Pop-up 2023

Also present in the form of pop-ups, we revel in appropriating new spaces to convey our universe. Our September 2023 pop-up on Rue de Flandre in Danseart, the fashion district of Brussels, was a testament to our commitment to accessibility even within our own city. Conceived around cherished objects, we aimed to establish a space that seamlessly blends fashion, design, and art.